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03 Sep 2009 14:04
  Team NightBird's DC Groepje
Team NightBird's DC Groepje
Executive Proxyper Summary
Proxyper Summary for dodo
Hostname dodo
OS name linux
Ppstats versie 7.1.11h
ProxyPer Message NightBird Proxy!
ProxyPer version unknown
Uptime 52 Days 01:20:31
Listening on port(s) 2064
Test port None
Current Max Stubs Ready
Current Max Stubs Done
Stubs ready to process
Done Stubs waiting to transmit
OGR24 buffer size 0.00 k
OGR25 buffer size 0.00 k
Current rate Mnodes/sec
Total Transmitted Stubs
Last Uplink 03 Sep 2009 14:02:46

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