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Team NightBird
Bovine RC5-72
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Last Updated UTC:
28 May 2022 22:35
Team NightBird
Executive Proxyper Summary
Proxyper Summary for tyto
Hostname tyto
OS name Linux 5.7.0-2-amd64
Ppstats versie 7.2.0c
ProxyPer Message NightBird Proxy!
Listening on port(s) 3064
Test port None
ProxyPer log info
Uptime 69 Days 05:23:44
Last Uplink Not found
Current Max Blocks Ready 3000
Current Max Block Done 999999
Blocks ready to process 3238
Done Blocks waiting to transmit 0
Current rate 0.0 Mkeys/sec
Total Transmitted 0/0 Blocks

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University of Southern Maine Computer Users Group
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